Becoming You – Positive Psychology Coaching,
Movement Medicine and Shamanic Healing

I have a dear friend from America whose strap line is love more, fear less, float more, steer less. Given the education system that most of us in the West are encultured within, his sentiments are, to say the very least, pretty counter-culture. From the Enlightenment and industrialisation onwards we pretty much decided that control was to be our modus operandi…a big part of which was also encoded in the new idea that the earth was not full of spirits and local dieties but rather a resource to be used. Cyclical natural time was out, clock time was in.

Within such an environment we are often expected to know from our heads what to do next, often with very little reference to our bodies, as well as to press on, regardless. Allow, accept, embrace, will at least provide an afternoon to immerse your awareness in your body…to allow her or him to begin a dialogue with you that you may have been too busy for. This difficulty with listening and hearing that many of us experience at some stage of our lives, can then, often translate itself into various kinds illness, both emotional and physical.

The encouragement will then, be to accept what you find in there and invite it into movement and in doing so, embrace and welcome it, yourself, in all the various manifestations of your body, heart, mind. We will also give attention to the other aspect of yin that we tend to not only ignore, but abuse within current systems, that of the earth under us. Willingness to develop a relationship with the earth as a living, sentient system, can illuminate a world of support, holding and mutual tenderness, that we often have no idea is even there, listening to every word, deed and action. But she is.

Clearly at some stage the woman on the beach in this photograph will need to take action in order to avoid being drowned by the incoming tide. 🙂 And of course, too much acceptance has a shadow, of passivity and permissiveness. True fire, or what we call healthy yang, often needs a good solid base before it can be employed safely and we’ll be looking at that in June, before dancing with the marriage between yin and yang in July. This May though we begin where we are, the only home we’ll have…our bodies on the earth…embraced by the divine mother or great mama…If you need a little love, join me. <3 <3