Becoming You – Positive Psychology Coaching,
Movement Medicine and Shamanic Healing


I am she of sky wide sigh,
I am she of teeth sunk in deep,
She keeper of hell
Immortal swell of tidal pool,
Wave crash,
With tooth and claw and wings held wide,
As I glide down like holy bell,
Time to face your demons.
Surrendering then,
To bat driven,
Pawing shores,
Of black-mawed womb death,
Invades in red and wet,
Crawling down,
As hook goes into tender spots,
Pulls out weeping flesh,
Dissolving in demon-driven,
Devouring Mother,
Worst wish come true,
Horror of horrors,
I’ve come for you.
Fertile and multiplying,
Dark-moon Lilith,
I’ll tear you in two.
Contempt and compassion,
The shadow and the light,
Melded together,
Sacred Whore and Sight,
Alchemy of anger,
Burning without end,
Or beginning.
Circles of passion,
Fertilize new life,
Seed arrow,
No flesh,
Pale Bone,
Stink Rot Mother.
I am she that dwells in all fear,
I am the grief,
The rage and the tears,
I am she of sorrow unending,
I am she of the violent dismembering.
I’ve come for what’s mine,
With my tongues of fire,
My time is now,
I do not bow,
To man nor beast,
For they all lie leveled to zero,
At my breast.
I am she of feel the pain in the wound,
I am she of remaining forever entombed,
I am she of the power of death,
I am she of the rotting flesh head.
I am the bringer of keen and moan,
I am the mother of wail and lament,
I am the one called rupture and blood,
I am the giver and the taker of bone and flood.
Wake-up call I am,
Alarm I am,
That seers through hidden depths,
She beast rocking your foundations,
Threatening dis-integration,
Dakini diva,
Daughter of destruction I am,
Your screams arising I am,
As flesh exposed to flame,
Melts off the bone,
In heat of transmutation.
Death’s-head crone I am,
Charging through closed doors I am,
Breaking down the walls around your soul I am.
Sword in hand,
Wild-warrior woman,
Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping,
Away debris from another time I am.
Sharp edge of the tongue,
The nag, nag, nag,
Hag, hag, hag,
You know who.
Tidal wave,
Cloud and storm,
Lashing rain I am,
Tearing wind I am,
Hammering I am.
Bleeding womb I am,
Moon I am.
Swept away she is this day,
As I call her
My child,
I pray,
At the altar of change,
Travel and growth.
I am she of the call to life,
I am she of the call to birth,
I am she,
Slayer of the careless,
I am she of a radical awareness.
I call you forth in life and death,
I call you forth in quest and dream.
I call you forth with a howling scream.
Ali Young