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The Grim Reaper. Not true. The circumstances of his/her arrival often have many elements of humour attached to them that our melodramatic approach occludes from view. Death’s head, nasty piece of work, to be avoided at all costs. Again, debatable. Could be viewed more accurately as a kind of Cosmic Gardener, burning rubbish, transforming waste into compost and encouraging next year’s growth via a bit of judicious pruning from time to time. Quite chatty really if you take the time required to make her acquaintance properly.

Death After Life. Sort of true, but not quite. The linear view has promoted considerable fear and paranoia. Popular speculation has it that you live and then you die. Most definitely not the case. Each life contains many lives and many deaths, woven together, creating change. Some, the walking dead, do not notice that they are in fact living the very thing they fear. Death. A much maligned and misunderstood process in linear reality. Those who fear it most have a tendency to generate it most enthusiastically. Nuclear weapons Industrialists. Warmongers. Other flotsam and getsam dominated by the terrestrial brain.

Terrestrial brain: coined by Robert Anton Wilson. Limited Homo Sapiens conditioning, prevalent on Planet Earth in the 21st century. On it’s way out. Demonstrated by disputes over territory; who owns what and whose whatever is biggest, fastest and strongest; coercion, both physical and psychic; ongoing attempts to imprint one reality map onto the human psyche, currently proving to be quite a game.

Death. Does it mean explosion, implosion or expansion? Large numbers of the human species are beginning to tap into the possibility that we have not even begun to understand the capabilities of the human psyche. Experiences such as telepathy, synchronicity, astral travel, magic, UFO contact, as well as altered states, shamanism and tantric sexuality, etc, etc, are precursors of a shift in awareness from the terrestrial brain to the ‘extraterrestrial’, wherein humanity will make a huge accelerated shift in consciousness. Perhaps the death that is feared is the death of the limited, microscopic reality map that has dominated planet Earth for the last ten minutes.