Becoming You – Positive Psychology Coaching,
Movement Medicine and Shamanic Healing

Within the Movement Medicine map or mandala, as we like to call it, the place of accepting what is, is the energy we describe as yin. Accepting and acknowledging what is, usually represents the healthiest place to move from – as feeling this, whether in body, mind and heart, in relationship or collective culture and honestly admitting to our condition takes us out of denial, avoidance and fantasy into the present moment. If have a sore leg, I may need to dance slowly. If my heart is heavy I may need to cry or express some anger, if my mind is yacking ten to the dozen I may need to carefully tune into to what it is so agitated about and begin to tend carefully to its messages. If a relationship no longer serves me I may need to communicate or end it. If we as a society are steeped in violence, consumerism and mental illness, we may need to look deeper into the shared dreams that are creating these realities. This is where the application of our yang energy can come in. Some conditions may need yet more receiving or yin, whilst others require our focused effort, intention and lots and lots of small steps in order for us to change them. This next piece of the Movement Medicine map, encapsulated by the title, Focus, Intend, Direct – Embodying Yang, will involve looking at one area of our lives and our current ‘model of’ relating to it, as it is, before looking at our ‘model for’ and what we would like to manifest, before committing to at least one small step that can begin to move us towards where we would like to be. I believe that it was Lao Zu who said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. Let’s put our best foot forward together. See you on the dance floor. Love, Ali.