Becoming You – Positive Psychology Coaching,
Movement Medicine and Shamanic Healing

What is Movement Medicine?

MOVEMENT: noun – activity, impulse, a change or development

MEDICINE: noun – in tribal societies, a curative power

MOVEMENT MEDICINE is a body based movement meditation practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life.

MOVEMENT MEDICINE will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own soul.

MOVEMENT MEDICINE is for everyone who wants to wake up, discover more of their creative potential, study shamanism in a down-to-earth way, discover ecstasy without drugs, find community in a way that doesn’t require giving up individuality and find the courage to make your own unique contribution. In short, it’s for anyone who wants to include conscious dance as a way to freedom, mindfulness, awareness and fulfilment.

MOVEMENT MEDICINE is shamanic medicine for our times. It gives us direct, embodied experience of the dance of life that’s going on inside us and all round us. As a species, we face enormous challenges right now that we see as arising from the story of separation; separation between body and spirit, between individuals and nations, between the human world and the web of life we are part of and depend upon. Simply put, Movement Medicine reconnects us, deepening our capacity for empathy and compassionate being and action.

Since pre-history, dance, song and ritual-making have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in co-creative community. 

​Recommendations of Ali’s work

“Ali came to our festival, Roots and although we had never met, you could sense the passion she has for what she does in the emails leading up. The day she arrived her energy blew us away…strong, loving & caring, passionate, vibrant and such pride in all that she does. Ali was very professional, in that she found where she needed to be and cracked on with it. Her classes were aimed at all age ranges and received so well from all. The feed back was great…everyone felt safe to express themselves and open up. We will be so happy to have her come and share again with us next year.” Lynne and Phil Cowley Jones, Roots Festival.

“I love Ali ….. I love her openness, her sensitivity, her warmth, her caring ….. She plays great music: just the best! and there’s a real art to her selection and blending of it …. The work is themed and invites connection to different energies, thoughts .. sometimes that irritates me, but I have learnt to notice the irritation rather than be it, to let it work up through me – for that is the medicine working! ……. Dancing with Ali is a ‘real’ play – something magical happens …… some would call it love!” AZxxx

“Dance medicine is truly as described. The dance has been part of my eight year transformational journey. I have been dancing for two of those years and the deep work of body movement has opened up my heart and helped me to access my emotions. Dance is a great way of connecting with others and with oneself. Ali is a professional and sensitive teacher who holds a safe therapeutic space. She creates an imaginative space for us to dance in, enabling freedom and self-expression – it is a privilege and a joy to dance with her.” Penny Franklin, PhD Student, Budleigh Salterton

“Ali holds a very safe space that allows you to explore yourself through movement. Her ability to use the music to go deep into the core of the theme of the session is outstanding. Her lovely voice guiding you all the way with perfect intuitive knowing. A medicine for the body and soul. I highly recommend her.” Rahima Ferguson, Shamanic Practitioner, Dorset.

“My first Movement Medicine workshop with Ali was on the theme of Appreciation. I was fascinated by the multi-layered and interwoven maps provided by this conscious dance practice that Ali explained effortlessly.
Ali’s egoless guidance helped me dive deep into gratitude and anger and – although it was only one day – I felt like I had been on a long journey from which I emerged refreshed and with a strong feeling of connection and integration. I particularly loved how Ali led the group and shared her teachings. I felt securely held by her knowledge and experience, fully respected in my journey, safe, equal and heard.” Monica, Dance Movement Psychotherapist

“I am deeply drawn to your holding of space, and what you offer in dance and in relationship. For me, this arises in your aliveness, your vibrant healing energies, your great heart and spirit, your commitment to what connects and enhances us, within our own beings, between ourselves and beyond. I trust you, intuitively and experientially. I enjoy you and your music. The moment that for me catches the essence of my experience of you, belongs in the dance you held for your father and for us and our beloved dead last December. The space was full of beauty and power for me. The moment resonating in the centre is your playing “We shall overcome”, our forming a circle, the inclusion of all and the way we extended our circle around those who were lying down or otherwise outside of it, the love between and beyond us in the room, the presence of us in our being, as well as our ancestors, our lineages, as well as our present, beings yet to come and an upwelling of hope and faith in who we can each be. It was exquisite and you gave it to us. You have great gifts. We need you. Abundance and gratitude.” Lindsey Talbot, Counsellor, Exeter.

“This was my first encounter of experiencing a Movement Medicine workshop. Working as a Dance-Movement Therapist I continually wish to broaden my understanding of the mind-body connection and welcome opportunities of bringing in other modalities to my work – the ‘Appreciate’ workshop was one of those opportunities. An important part of being ‘a good therapist’ is being aware of oneself and looking after our own mind and body.

This workshop focussed on us looking at what one appreciates in life, through movement and discussion, it brought our attention to specifics – looking at what is positive and uplifting in our lives and to celebrate these gifts that life offers us, and then look at the gifts we have to offer back to others. 

Ali Young lead the day with warmth and sensitivity, creating a comfortable and safe healing space. I found the day enjoyable, enlightening and nourishing with a desire to know more. Thank you Ali.” Maureen Campbell, Somerset

“I came to Ali’s workshop to dance (obviously) but also possibly, to rest. Having been sleep deprived for the last year since my son was born I was, secretly, hoping to have a nap. Her lovely choice of music did not really allow me to lie down which I was absolutely happy about. I truly enjoyed her gentle guidance through the elemental journey. There seemed to be a lot of tired and sad energy in the room and many people seemed to be experiencing quite a bit of difficulty and pain on this particular day. I admired Ali’s elegant navigation in this challenging wave that she guided us all through. Being there, soft and present, strong and deeply rooted, holding the space for whatever wanted to happen. Not pushing it, simply conducting. Thank you.” ​Maya Love, Mother, Bristol

“I have known Ali for well over 10 years, both before, during and after our training together in Movement Medicine. In that time our friendship has deepened greatly. I have come to appreciate the care and thoughtfulness with which Ali holds space, qualities that sit alongside a quite fiery temperament and a deep passion for the earth and her creatures. A couple of years ago we ran some workshops together in Bristol, which I found a rewarding experience. We have also been co-chairs of the MM Association, a role that greatly strengthened the trust between us. Ali is very committed to ideas and ideals that are important to her, and determined not to let these be undermined. She can also be playful and spontaneous in the moment- a quality I really appreciate.” Rob Porteous, Counsellor, Bristol