Becoming You – Positive Psychology Coaching,
Movement Medicine and Shamanic Healing

“As many of us are acutely aware, we currently face enormous challenges both at home and abroad. For millennia the stories that we humans have told about our connection to the miracle and the mystery of our existence on planet earth have been part of what has helped us – both to transmute our suffering and connect with a source of wisdom bigger than ourselves. We humans can get very attached to our stories though and sadly one of the greatest human tragedies is the kind of separation and division that leads us to forget that underneath all religious and spiritual traditions is the same illumination. That there is one common unifying thread binding us all together – that of love. As well as telling stories, the other thing that humans have always done is danced. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this ancient inheritance.

Growing up in a Christian culture I always thought that the ten commandments were pretty sound. The problem was how to actually embody them. Years ago as a child I did actually send this query out into the Universe only to have the angels send me dance. I have danced ever since I was a child, knowing, that doing so could quite literally, move me from one state to another. Much later, beginning as a very distressed and angry young woman, ‘conscious dance’ became the place where I was able to learn how to reach peace and stillness, through the gateway of movement. Dance is where I find the strength to carry on through life’s pains, disappointments and challenges; where I commune with others most deeply; where I can hear the voice of my soul and see most profoundly into the beauty within others. My engagement with dance as a practice over 25 years is how I have learned to open my heart and listen to the other. Dance is where, in touching the depth of my own humanity, I am able to feel, both my similarity and difference from others, my connection and my contribution.

I teach Movement Medicine quite simply because I see how much peace, love, strength to face an often tough world, listening and being willing to really see each other’s essential beauty are needed in the world. Over and over, I have seen and felt apparently irreconcilable conflicts drop away in the heart of the dance. Dance as practice brings profound healing. If we are to survive, we need all the help we can get – Movement Medicine is one of my offerings to this process of attempting to open to each other.

In light of the increasing division within the many and varied peoples of our British Isles and beyond, The Golden Egg Love Fest is taking action to embody the practice of love and unity within diversity, by gathering musicians, creatives, healers, celebrants and dancers from many traditions, who remember the golden thread.This will be the first inter-faith gathering of its kind to take place in a Mosque in Britain and perhaps anywhere in the world. I am privileged to have been asked to assist Keef in creating this platform of celebration for that which unites us. Having taught together for a while in Devon, we will be running a co-created session on Sunday evening before the closing circle and the arrival of the mystical dragon Lord…accompanied by live musicians. Can’t wait to meet and greet all the therapists and stall holders I’ve been e-mailing with for weeks. So many gratitudes to all who are giving their time and energy for the good of the whole. See you soon beloveds!”

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